Cops and Prostitutes

No, next question. Should Cops in Prostitution Stings Go All The Way? Michigan police officers enjoy immunity from the state’s prostitution laws when they are investigating human trafficking.

Apparently, that immunity applies to sexual intercourse with a prostitute as well as just the solicitation. This is silly. Actually having sex is not required to prove what prositutes are normally charged with, which is solicitatioin of prostitution, not prostitution itself. The solicitation crime is just as serious so there is no need to allow the cops to get laid as a bonus. Cops having sex with prostitutes is police corruption no matter how you slice it. Other states have laws similar to Michigan’s. Immeditate change is required. Besides, most prostitutes are too scampy for any decent and self-respecting cop to want to have sex with. If it were required they’d be elgible for hazardous duty pay.

There’s another reason it should never be allowed, maybe even a bigger reason. No matter what sort of a low-class person a prostitute may be, they are human beings and no human being should ever be taken advantage of in this very intimate way. Morally if not legally, allowing a cop in a prostitution sting to have sex with a prostitute is a form of assault. Since it’s with government participation and authority it’s also a form of official tyranny.  It’s a low-down act if ever there was one.

  • Doug Smith

    Ah gee! They dedicated. U know really getting into their work. No pun intended. ??. Really nailin down the case U cud say. ??