Cooking the books on Obamacare

udall Democrat Senator from Colorado Mark Udall tried to get the Colorado Insurance Commission to change the numbers when it was reported that 249,000 Coloradans had their insurance cancelled.

From Complete Colorado:

At the height of controversy surrounding President Obama’s promises on the federal health care overhaul, U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s office worked assiduously to revise press accounts that 249,000 Coloradans received health care cancellation notices. Because the 249,000 figure was produced inside the Colorado Division of Insurance, Udall’s office lobbied that agency to revise the figure, or revise their definition of what qualified as a cancellation.

Reads the whole thing.

While Obama was lying to the American people with his, “If you like your insurance plan you can keep it,” deception, I wondered why nobody was asking why we needed Obamacare if people liked their current insurance and wanted to keep it.