Conservatives winning the immigration debate — for now

It wasn’t pretty, but it worked: How the right won the summer immigration battle. Nobody — even those among their ranks — thought it could happen, but House conservatives cracked GOP leadership to get almost everything they wanted out of a supplemental appropriations immigration bill before the Congress broke officially for recess.

Conservatives capitalized on a perfect storm of the new House GOP leadership team’s inability to whip enough votes Thursday and the hardline stance of key conservatives. Their effort was aided by aggressive movement activists, the conservative media, and a national mood against President Barack Obama — which led many Americans to call their representatives demanding they come up with a solution to the ongoing crisis at the border.

Conservatism works every time it’s tried.

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Conservative Victory on the Southern Border Crisis The House passed legislation that will rein in President Obama’s power to shield illegal immigrants from being deported, an important step in the process of beginning to clear up the problem he has created.

House Republicans pass a border supplemental bill Friday night. The GOP victory comes after conservative House members pressed hard [against the Republican leadership] for changes tightening up the initial bill that failed to come to the floor Thursday due to lack of support.

Conservatives must fight hard and never let up or the Republican leadership in the House will join forces with the Democrats to destroy America.

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