The comparison of Ebola to HIV is misplaced

Ebola and HIV are too different to warrant some of the comparisons I’ve heard.  First it looked like it might be similar in one respect when we were told it was hard to transmit from one person to another.  That soon proved false and now we know it can be transferred by shaking hands with someone, or being near them when they sneeze.  The HIV virus was never transmitted so casually.

Michael Fumento wrote a book, The Myth of Heterosexual Aids, claiming that transmitting HIV through heterosexual intercourse was not likely.  The book was widely condemned when it was first published, but was soon proven to be right.  The scare of widespread HIV infection among heterosexuals never came to be.

As we now know, the HIV virus was mainly confined to homosexuals and intravenous drug users.  In other words, anyone could protect themselves from HIV by their own behavior choices.

You can see that Ebola is much different.  We cannot protect ourselves from it as easily as we could protect ourselves from HIV.  It’s the equal opportunity killer.  All comparisons of Ebola to HIV  are ridiculous.