Colorado has gone to blue hell

What were you thinking?

What were you thinking?

Looks like Democrats will control everything in state offices of Colorado except the Attorney General’s office which went to the wonderful and brain alive Cynthia Coffman.  Thank goodness, and I do mean goodness, that Cory Gardner retired Mark Uterus from the U.S. Senate.

But otherwise, Yuck!

What is going on? Too many doofuses moving here from California to escape liberalism but not understanding that it was they, and others like them, that made California into a high-tax over-regulated and hellish political place to live? Not having any other ideas they  brought their liberalism with them? So they will now make Colorado as unbearable as California?   Where will they go then?

Damn, it’s sad. A one-time paradise of freedom ruined by a bunch of jerks.

Colorado voters need to learn something the rest of America seems to understand: Nobody can govern from the Left

At least the Donkeys are contained in pens. 2014 Election Map:

2014 election map

2014 election map


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  1. Sorry to read this. I saw that Hickenpooper was re-elected, but didn’t realize it went further. Makes it all the more remarkable that Gardner won the Senate seat.

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