Clinton machine running out of gas?

It’s hard to imagine the Clinton gas bags running out but that is what may be on the verge. All the liberal media outlets, which are most media outlets, are eagerly promoting Chelsea Clinton stories   in a deserate attempt to promote her as the last best hope to carry the Clinton torch into the next generation of politics. Trouble is, Chelsea has so far shown almost none of the political skills that will be necdessary to pull it off. Her mother’s only political skill was to marry a man who was going places and then take charge and make her own capital out of his success. The former first daughter seems to lack the charisma to pull off anything similar.

The Last Gasps of the Clinton Dynasty

The Clinton family has bestrode American politics for a generation on the power of its vast network of activists and apparatchiks and donors and loyalist nonprofits. Once political machines are set in motion—once checks are flowing, galas are scheduled, the loyalists are hired—they are hard to wind down. And that means that, as we have said before, “there has to be a Clinton in the political arena.”

What we are now seeing are the last gasps of a vast political machine trying to keep its gears spinning despite every indication that it is time for a new model. It may or may not be successful, but one thing is clear: The Clinton machine will not let itself be shut down without a fight.

Hillary Clinton built a political career that made her rich by influence peddling. Without influence to peddle it’s going to be hard for Chelsea to do the same.  She will have to make it on her own, if she’s to make it all. That’s a big problem for her. The rest of us will have front row seats at the fight whether we want to or not.

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