Climate is a natural force that we don’t control

From Dr.Roy Spencer, Climatologist:

A Busted El Nino and a New Weather Norm. With the hopes of an El Nino fading (now reduced to a 58% probability), and what could be another early start to an unusually cold and snowy winter, it is useful to take a step back and examine why some of us have been harping for years on what really controls North American climate variations on the timescale of your lifetime: natural climate cycles.

So, as the unseasonal cold settles in over the U.S. this week, don’t be fooled by those who claim “global warming causes cooling”. What we are seeing is natural variability, likely dominated by the oceans. The “new weather norm” might well be different from what anyone less than 30 years old has been used to.

To the extent that human-caused warming is occurring, I am increasingly convinced it is a largely benign — and possibly beneficial — needle lost in the haystack of Mother Nature’s natural climate gyrations.

The government has been paying scientists to find a human causation for any change in climate. It’s no surprise that they claim to have found it. Few people are willing to give up a well-paying job by not doing what your employer is paying them to do.

The pilgrims on the Mayflower learned something about climate change when they landed in Massachusetts Bay in December, 1621 to find themselves nearly freezing to death. Since their landing spot was nearly the same latitude as London they thought it would have a similar climate.  What they didn’t know is that ocean currents, not just latitude, exert control over climate.  As Dr. Spencer notes, we’re still learning about the ocean’s effect on climate.

On natural climate cycles, I’m a lot more than 30 years old and I kind of like the recently changing weather pattern because it reminds me of my youth.

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