Climate change “deniers” should go to prison says college professor

A story at The Daily Caller reports a college professor in Rochester, New York who is fed up with people who take issue with climate change propaganda.  With transparently obvious psychological projection Rochester Institute of Technology assistant Philosophy Professor Lawrence Torcello wants to send people who disagree with him about global warming to jail. He argues that anyone questioning the truthfulness of the climate change alarmists ought to be considered criminally negligent and prosecuted.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Professor Torcello got his law against free speech enacted and was the first one to be jailed under it.  There was a time long ago when college professors were considered to be studious and erudite.  That was when academia was a place for argument, discussion and divergent thought. All opinions were fair game to be tested in the marketplace of ideas, to be either exposed and ridiculed or embraced and explored, but never taken as the final word.

Rochester and the rest of Eastern half of the U.S. have been freezing their butts off all winter.  Oh yeah, that’s also because of global warming.  Everything that happens now is due to global warming.


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