We can’t trust the AAA anymore; It’s not on our side now

A Horse of a Different ColorHiding its True Agenda. The AAA, formerly known as the American Automobile Association, was founded in 1901 to lobby for driver and passenger rights, fair laws, and safer vehicles. It has long since morphed into an insurance and financial services giant. If there is any doubt about that, check out its profile at Hoovers.com where AAA’s primary competitors are listed as American Express, Allstate and State Farm. Need further proof? By its own reckoning, AAA collects $8.5 billion in insurance premiums annually from its 50+ million members.

You just can’t be a giant insurance and financial services company and also serve the interests of American motorists. The National Motorists Association does that job a whole lot better.  Hell, the AAA isn’t even doing it anymore. The AAA will never tell us the truth about red light cameras, speed traps, and other government schemes to pick our pockets under the guise of safety, and in the process make the roads less safe than they otherwise would be. The AAA is no longer on the side of motorists. It exists to sell insurance and financial services.  Representing the interests of motorists is not compatible, so they don’t do it.

The NMA is the only place you can go today to learn about the nefarious things government is doing to make your motoring life miserable and costly. Knowing what is going on is always the necessary first step to mounting effective political opposition to it.  The NMA has waged several successful campaigns to expose the corruption in red-light camera proliferation, the unreasonable lowering of speed limits solely to collect more ticket revenue, and to hold politicians and bureaucrats to account for all of the foul things they would like to foist onto an unsuspecting public in order to increase their own power and wealth.  A free Republic will always need such an organization.

Here are two of the latest NMA newsletters detailing the problems with the AAA.

NMA E-Newsletter #288: A Horse of a Different Color 

NMA E-Newsletter #303: Masking an Agenda

The AAA is still a good place to get road maps.


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