Bow Tie’n White Boys

While whites (prominent liberals excepted) are held to impossible standards and accused of racism for innocuous comments that some racially motivated liberal can twist and mischaracterize in order to call it a racist slur, blacks can say anything they want, making comments about any white person that need no twisting or mischaracterization at all because what they say is so overtly and plainly racist. The comment by a prominent black woman that is described below is racist because it is a black person demeaning a white person on the basis of race and suggesting that her skin color makes her superior. That is what has always been racist, it’s what some white people in America used to do and what the overwhelming majority of white people rejected and drove out of American culture several decades ago. Or, they thought they had done. It is sad to see blacks like the woman in the video below trying to bring it back and perpetuate it.

From Roger’s Rules by Roger Kimball:

So, Tucker Carlson, according to Democrat strategist Jehmu Greene, is “a bow tie’n white boy.” That’s what Ms Greene said on Megyn Kelly’s show America Live. I think it was the “white boy” part that was supposed to be particularly offensive. As one bow-tyin’ white boy to another, however, I find it more pathetic than irritating. Why is it that Democrats are cruising around accusing everyone in sight of being racist when it is they, not the objects of their ire, who engage in the racist behavior? Harry Stein, in his new book No Matter What . . . They’ll Call this Book Racist has some intelligent things to say about that.


Carlson wasn’t even wearing a bow tie. Name calling, and when it’s a black liberal Democrat, racist name calling is used to deflect arguments for which the racist speaker has no rational point to make.

If any white public figure used the term “black boy” on a televised cable news show in any context it would be the end of his or her career.

  • Ken Spiker

    I saw that in real time and just about fell off my chair. The thing is, Tucker is about the best conservative debater in the business and he had Jamu on the ropes–she was flailing. He landed several solid blows. I wish they’re replace the unattractive and boring Greta with Tucker.