Bits of Good News

National Democrats pull $1.4 Million in ads for Andrew Romanoff and will spend those funds on other candidates (hopefully not in Colorado, where evening television has become unwatchable unless you have a DVR to spin through the political ads).  I guess they don’t think much of his chances against incumbent Republican Mike Coffman in Colorado’s 6th District which includes much of Denver suburbs.  Coffman is Ronald Reagan conservative, former marine and energetic campaigner.  Perfect for Colorado in my view.  Of course, those accomplishments make him “too extreme” for Democrats.

The Economist thinks Colorado Democrat Senator Mark Udall and Colorado’s Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper are both in trouble and could lose next month’s election.  Of course, being the Economist this has them befuddled. How could a state that has embraced gay marriage and legal pot smoking elect Republicans?  The Economist needs to do a little homework. Colorado has not embraced gay marriage.  Colorado has had gay marriage shoved down its throat by a Federal Judge and a U.S. Supreme Court that refused to take this and similar cases until there is a split in the Federal circuits.  The voters in Colorado rejected gay marriage in a referendum in 2006.  A majority of Colorado voters would probably, if given another chance, abolish the legal pot law that passed in 2012 with Millions of dollars in backing from Hollywood moguls.  Most Coloradans would prefer to remain the Columbine State, and not become the “Pot State.”  I hope the Economist is right in what it says about Democrats’ chances in November. If so, Colorado may get a little closer to regaining its sanity.

Buzzfeed: 11 reasons Hickenlooper should go back to bartending. Before he ran for Mayor of Denver and then Governor, John Hickenlooper was a successful bartender and entrepreneur. He should go back to that. Reason number 3 is my favorite:

Jared Polis on a rant

Jared Polis on a rant

3. Hickenlooper is for oil & gas…unless Jared Polis tells him he’s not.






92% of mass shootings since 2009 occurred in gun-free zones. It’s not that mass shootings are good news, it’s that this tells you how to avoid them; don’t go into a gun-free zone. If your kids are forced to be in a gun-free zone, like when they go to school, support eliminating gun-free zones. It’s for the children.

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