Big bash tonight for Obama at Gwyneth Paltrow’s Hollywood house

I don’t know if any of the $32,000 tickets are left, pretty sure all the cheap ones (only $1,000) are gone.  It s a fund raiser for Obama and the Democrats, whole street will be blocked off.

Street artist Sabo [unsavoryagents] was probably not invited but he’s made an advance appearance to Gwyneth’s street with some cool parody posters.  According to the UK Daily Mail, “The 42-year old actress got full view of the posters as she arrived home on Wednesday. They’ve been plastered to electricity boxes and hung over the road for everyone to see around her upscale neighborhood of Mandeville Canyon, Brentwood.”

She is not pleased.These shots were taken upon her arrival [Left] and at the moment she saw Sabo’s street art [Right]:

paltrow poutpaltrow pout_2





Here is one of the posters she was re-acting to:







John Hinderaker comments:

“In my view, this sort of guerrilla street art is very helpful to the conservative cause. Creative conservatives like Sabo offer a visible sign of resistance to unthinking, ill-informed liberalism.”

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