Ben Domenech on the libertarian moment

From The Libertarian Moment Can’t Just Be A Moment

What Republicans have forgotten, or never really knew, is that the free market and constitutional republicanism and federalism (localism) were all specifically designed to empower the little people over the big. They can’t get it through their heads that, yes, the point of the Constitution and of America was to reject the remnants of mercantile feudalism and all its side effects. The point of America is not that a single mom in Nevada and a mechanic in Ohio are just as important as Harry Reid and John Boehner, but in the ways that matter most, they are more important. It is by their consent that they are governed, not the other way around.

He is (I hope) referring to the Republican leadership, not to people who vote Republican out of disgust for Democrats. That’s probably the majority of Republican voters and is the origin of the doctrine in American politics that Republicans only win when Democrats screw up, only when people are voting against Democrats and not for Republicans because except for the Contract With America in 1994, the Republican leaders never give voters anything to vote for. If the Republican party makes significant gains in November it will be precisely an application of this doctrine.

The “libertarian moment” will be only a moment, if at all, because the current crop of capital “L” libertarians are just as overbearing in forcing their dogma on the rest of us as any liberal Democrat or establishment Republican. The current rampage by the “Gay mafia” is just the latest example. Small government let-me-alone conservatives are the closest to an actual libertarian moment, and they and all they stand for are soundly rejected by so-called millennials whose belief system more closely resembles socialism than anything that could be called libertarianism.

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