Colorado has one lawyer for every 136 people

There are 40,052 lawyers registered in Colorado (as of the end of 2016). Colorado’s total population, at the end of 2015, was 5,475,000. Assuming arithmetic still works the same for both conservatives and liberals, that’s one lawyer for every 136 … Continue reading

Unelected Bureaucrats are running, and in some cases ruining, our lives

We didn’t give them this power they took it. That’s how Glenn Reynolds starts his latest op-ed in USA Today, Unelected bureaucrats are running our lives: Watching the ongoing clown show in Washington, Americans can be forgiven for asking themselves, … Continue reading

When you’ve lost Chris Matthews…..

Smashmouth uber leftist Chris Matthews says the Trump-Russia collusion theory came apart with yesterday’s Comey testimony. Washington Examiner: Liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Thursday the accusation that President Trump directly colluded with Russia to interfere in the U.S. election … Continue reading

Luke Warmers and Climatistas are both different and the same

“Luke warmers” are the third way between Climatistas and climate skeptics. They differ in that they don’t believe catastrophic climate change is going to happen, at least the Climatistas haven’t come close to proving their claims.  The Skeptics believe the … Continue reading

Donald Trump the Claudian President

Classics scholar Victor Davis Hanson says the Trump presidency has parallels with the Roman Emperor Claudius who was an outsider deeply resented by the Roman political establishment. Claudius was preceeded by the malignant narcissist Caligula who was loved and celebrated … Continue reading

We’ve become strangers in a strange land

Do penises cause climate change? Discuss: The academic hoax that shows how generations of kids are paying good money to study pure, unmitigated, mind-warping drivel Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay…managed to get published in a social sciences journal a paper … Continue reading