Gorsuch tells Feinstein that “Heller” is the “law of the land”

Pressed on Heller, Gorsuch says it’s “the law of the land” The death of Antonin Scalia has, I think, been the ramrod of Democrat’s new boldness on getting more anti-gun legislation.  If you read the NRA daily alerts you will … Continue reading

Is the subprime auto-loan bubble about to burst?

This comes from Real Money:The Street: Several data points to consider: Losses for subprime auto loans, annualized, were 9.1% in January, up from from 8.5% in December and 7.9% in the first month of 2016, according to S&P. The rate is … Continue reading

How a tactical flashlight may be employed in self defense against a criminal attack

A tactical flashlight is a flashlight that uses 3-volt 123A lithium ion batteries or is a rechargeable flashlight capable of producing at least 300 lumens of light. Some can light the darkness with up to 600 lumens. A 100 watt … Continue reading

Paul Ryan from hero to villain; from liberator to spoiler

It wasn’t long ago that Paul Ryan was the wonder boy of Congress. People were saying he should be president. That’s probably why Mitt Romney chose Ryan as his running mate.  That didn’t work out but Ryan went on to … Continue reading

The preamble to the Constitution does not start with “We the Judges…”

A Government of Laws, Not Men Roger Kimball: I suspect that nearly all readers of American Greatness are familiar with John Adams’ famous statement about the rule of law in his Constitution for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, approved by the voters in … Continue reading

Leftist Judges Keep Trying to Revoke What I Learned in Law School

I believe with great certainty that my former law professor William Beaney (1918-2003) would be appalled at the two Federal judges who have issued restraining orders against President Trump’s travel orders. He’d be equally dismayed by the 3-judge panel from … Continue reading

Unpaid Student Loans — An Obama Legacy

The Federal Government’s Student Loan Fraud By taking over the student loan program, Obama in essence politicized it. Last year on the campaign hustings, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders repeatedly talked about making college “free.” That is, they want … Continue reading

Venezuela: Yes, we have no bananas — nor bread, nor diapers, nor toilet paper, nor anything else, so forget it, we’re socialists

The only problem with socialism is….shortages! Venezuela has a bread shortage. The government has decided bakers are the problem. BOGOTA, COLOMBIA Facing a bread shortage that is spawning massive lines and souring the national mood, the Venezuelan government is responding … Continue reading

Clinton machine running out of gas?

It’s hard to imagine the Clinton gas bags running out but that is what may be on the verge. All the liberal media outlets, which are most media outlets, are eagerly promoting Chelsea Clinton stories   in a deserate attempt to … Continue reading