Democrat Fat Cat Cash Failed in Georgia 6

Democrat loser Jon Ossoff raised and spent $24 million, winner Karen Handel raised and spent $4.5 million. Handel rec’d more outside support ($18.2 million) to Ossoff’s $8 million. That still left Ossoff with a $10 million lead over Handel in money spent … Continue reading

Stop mass shootings — get more guns into the hands of the right people

THE COPS ARE ONLY MINUTES AWAY WHEN SECONDS COUNT. Want to stop mass shootings? Let’s get more guns in the right hands by David Kopel and Joseph Greenlee. The recent mass murders on London Bridge ended eight minutes after they … Continue reading

Teenager Who Urged Friend to Kill Himself Is Guilty of Manslaughter

TAUNTON, Mass. — A young woman who sent a barrage of text messages to another teenager urging him to kill himself was found guilty Friday of involuntary manslaughter in a case that many legal experts had expected to result in … Continue reading

Should Anyone Care That Lisa Murkowski Flunked The Bar Exam 4 Times?

This is a repost from October 27, 2010. Since Murkowski is a Trump hater who is trying to stall anything she thinks Trump might be in favor of, it seems relevant again. From the Miami Herald on October 2, 2010: … Continue reading