Why amnesty by Obama will be a disaster for America

Apparently there is an accumulation over many years of several million people from Mexico and Central America who have entered the U.S. either legally but then overstayed their visa, or didn’t come here with a visa at all but simply breached our border with Mexico.  Obama wants to grant amnesty to them and give them the right to remain as permanent residents, and he isn’t satisfied with having to persuade Congress to go along with him. So he intends to do it on his own by executive order.

There may be some equitable considerations that need to be addressed here.  The federal government never wanted to secure the border for political reasons.  The politicians are not satisfied with the American people as voters and have for some time wanted to import a new set of voters that could be more easily managed.  They see opportunity in these several million illegals.  Knowing this, one might say it is not entirely the fault of the illegals that came here in the first place and were then able to stay here so easily and for so long. In the process they have established their lives in this country and have family and other ties to the community where they now live.  To deny them the right to stay here would disrupt their lives substantially. Given the complicity of the Federal government under both political parties, it may not be quite fair to hold them strictly accountable.

There is another large population of immigrants who came here legally, got green cards, waited the required number of years and paid all the fees to go through the naturalization process to become citizens.  These people played by the rules and did everything our law requires. What does Mr. Obama say to these people?  Are they just chopped liver because they don’t reliably vote Democrat?

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 1.35.25 PMClearly, whatever is to be done, there are equities on both sides to be debated and discussed. Whatever is to be done about the millions of illegals, the American people deserve to have a say in it through their elected representatives in Congress. We are not a country of strong-man rule.  We are not a country in which one single man can make such profound social policies on nothing more than his personal whim.  Just because Obama has not been able to persuade Congress to go along with him, even when his own party virtually controlled all of it, does not mean that he can simply ignore the United States Constitution and do whatever he damn well feels like doing.

The Republicans should never have taken impeachment off the table, which they did simply because of Obama being the first Black president.  If he attempts to do amnesty for illegals with an executive order, that will surely be an impeachable offense. No white president could dream of getting away with this. The special privileges that have been given to Obama because of his skin color do not and should not make him a dictator.

  • Not torqued to factory specs

    I thought impeachment was off the table b/c of Biden

    • TeeJaw

      Nobody with a brain would want Biden to become president, and there is no doubt that is a factor with the GOP. Even if the vice-president were a more acceptable, the idea of impeaching the first Black president is a bridge too far for Republicans. They’ve never been very effective political fighters anyway. Obama knows this and is taking full advantage of it. You’d think any president would be constrained by public opinion and his legacy, but Obama doesn’t care about those things either. He wants his legacy to be that he took on the Constitution, Republicans, and the American people and he defeated them all.

      Here is some recent evidence of that. “The president didn’t seem to care, however, about the evolving political dynamic surrounding Keystone.” Evidence abounds that Obama just doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him.

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