• Israel Putnam

    Impressive, and he obviously got to the top of the mountain ‘before breakfast’ to shoot that. Does he compete?

    • I believe he made the olympic ski team.

  • 110West

    Wow! Just when I thought he couldn’t do anything more gnarly. How is this filmed?

    • Must have been from a helicopter. Pilot did a terrific job of keeping the chopper’s shadow out of the video.

  • OldretiredSFdude

    Holy Crap! That guy is good. Wonder where this was filmed at? I’ve skied most of Colorado’s slopes but this didn’t look familiar. Utah maybe? Where ever it was he tore it up. Awesome! Super filming too. Oh to be young again . . . 🤤😜

    • I think this was shot by both another skier with a helmet cam and some of it from a helicopter. I say that because some of it seems that the camera is at the same level of the skier and some of it from a perspective to the side and above the skier. Notice that all of it is backlit so that the shadow of a helicopter would not appear.