Almost 25 names on the list of potential Republican nominees in 2016

Below is a list of potential Republican nominees for President in 2016. The three front runners in straw polls are Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Scott Walker. Walker is my favorite, but Ted Cruz and Rand Paul would also work for me. Rick Perry would work for me as well, his speech at CPAC was so good it might bring tears of joy to your eyes if you love America.

There are two on the list that I would never want to see get the nomination, and it may surprise some people. The two I’d be most against are Chris Christie and Dr. Ben Carson. Most conservatives will understand why I’m against Christie. It would be more fitting for him to be the Democrat nominee. My opposition to Ben Carson might be harder to explain because on every issue but one he is a star. But he is absolutely terrible on the Second Amendment. He believes in more gun restrictions, and that’s a deal killer. Widespread citizen gun ownership is more important now than ever in the history of the United States as a check on the over militarization of the police. Disarming citizens now would invite the insidious emergence of a police state and the sudden emergence of a crime-ridden society of predator and prey.

Here is the list of potential nominees:
Kelly Ayotte
Sam Brownback
Ben Carson
Chris Christie
Ted Cruz
Mitch Daniels
Nikki Haley
Mike Huckabee
Bobby Jindal
Susana Martinez
Sarah Palin
Rand Paul
Mike Pence
Rick Perry
Rob Portman
Condoleezza Rice
Marco Rubio
Paul Ryan
Rick Santorum
Tim Scott
John Thune
Donald Trump
Scott Walker
Allen West