Airlines canceling flights to Cuba — What, nobody wants to visit Castro’s Communist Hell Hole?

Frontier and Silver Airways eliminate Cuba flights. Fort Lauderdale-based Silver Airways said it had made “the difficult but necessary” decision to suspend all its Cuba service on April 22. It had originally hoped to serve all nine of the Cuban cities outside Havana that the U.S. Department of Transportation had authorized for regularly scheduled flights from the United States to Cuba.

Frontier is canceling its Miami-Havana route on June 4 due to higher than anticipated costs and lower than expected demand. “Market conditions have failed to materialize there, and excess capacity has been allocated to the Florida-Cuba market,” the airline said in a statement.

Some of the forbidden-fruit, pent-up-demand aspect of Cuba travel that was so much in evidence in 2015 and 2016 has faded, too.

“This lack of demand coupled with overcapacity by the larger airlines has made the Cuban routes unprofitable for all carriers,” Silver said in statement.

Gee, I thought Cuba was a Communist paradise. I thought Americans frustrated with Obamacare would want to go to Cuba for its fabulous healthcare. Didn’t some scary looking fat guy even make a documentary about Cuba’s wonderfully advanced and free healthcare? I think it was called Sicko, or something. The title was supposed to refer to American healthcare under Obamacare.

Oh, I remember now. Castro banned the documentary in Cuba because he was afraid ordinary Cubans might get the wrong impression. He didn’t want ordinary Cubans to see this documentary because it painted a rosy picture of Cuban healthcare. They might wonder where it was and why they’d never seen it. Not good. Better to keep them happy with the crappy system they’ve got.

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