A few words about me

I’m Ken Willis, I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming a good bit of the time and in Colorado the rest of the time. I’m a lawyer admitted in Wyoming and Colorado, on retired status in both states. With this blog I am still fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way (That’s what the moniker “TeeJaw” means). I have a life long love of motorcycles, especially Ducatis.

Ducati_Ken2The American Way is liberty; self reliance; rugged individualism; economic prosperity as the path to the good life for everyone rich or poor; and the pursuit of happiness as the highest good because happy people are the most kind, considerate of others, generous of their bounty and of themselves, and least likely to bring harm to their country or their fellow citizen. The American Way is equality of opportunity as opposed to equality of result because we are a collection of individuals with separate identities and not a dissolved whole. It is how we differ from one another in our goals, aspirations and abilities that make us the most dynamic force on planet earth. It is this that makes others from around the whole world want to come here and become a part of the American Way.

Sadly, the American Way is currently under assault by leftist socialism and people who call themselves “progressives” even though the fundamental changes they hope to impose on us lead to a dark past and not to a bright future.

We don’t want to be governed from the left, or from the right, or from the center. We want to govern ourselves. Our founders endeavored to create a new nation of self-governing and self-actualizing people, but the leftist statists in the political class hate that whole idea. They hate the idea that we are in charge of our destiny, not them. Our very liberty is at stake. More now than ever, I fear.

TeeJaw? What's that?

TeeJaw is the acronym I use for “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” I was going to use “T-JAW” until I found out that it is used at a porn site. So, in order to avoid confusion on what this site is about, I adopted “TeeJaw.”

What is “Truth, Justice and the American Way?” Well, besides being what Superman is fighting for, I have my explanation on the “About Me” page.

  • Mike Lonergan

    This is perfect for you, a good release for your thoughts.
    I love the Truth, Justice, and the American Way, if it was good enough for SuperMan its good enough for you.

  • Thanks, Mike. I hope to rely mostly on reason and logic, but passionately.

  • Julie Stone

    Tee, this is a great site. Our poor counrtry is hurting and not because we did not do our job. We need a site like yours to remember there is An American Way that still exists and is worth reviviing! Julie S

  • Julie Stone

    Tee and [Missus TeeJaw], Happy New Year. Thanks for the heads up on the book…I want to know if it counsels us on international air flights or do we just stay at home. It is a long way to swim and I do love my visits to Italy. Let me know.

    Fannie Mae will probably need a massive Fed infusion soon. JS

  • Julie Stone

    I have been told by Hungarians that this is how their Revolution started.

  • Larry Schenck

    Tee: Love the blog. Thank Missus TeeJaw for passing on the site. Suggest you move the lefthand eagle further left (i know, I know, there are no eagles on the left) ( lefties think the national bird is the ass) so the tagline is clearer.

  • Current WordPress theme won’t allow it.

  • Laura

    Hey, Tee…great site! Glad I was trying to find you to let you know that I replied to your RedState.com complaint about the increasing use of the word “pwned” and found teejaw.com. Keep writing! I’ll keep reading! And, take a look back at my reply to your comment from earlier today…

  • Captain Dale F. BUSS

    My dear sir:
    Thank you for this adventure! Perhaps starting as early as “children should be seen and NOT heard” our generation has mustered polictically correct decorum and politeness or at least, sensitive to others feelings.
    At expense of our own.
    The KING has NO clothes! To response to government injustice, dedicated peoples must retire first. To examine convoluted facts and societies chosen paths, easily manipulated by ALPHA dog atheist politicians we are lost sheep in an impossible maze. Thank you for your efforts, clairity and motivation, to leave America better than we found it! Godspeed d

  • Thanks, Cap’n!

  • I guess we travel to Canada or other safe countries to open accounts. Maybe we should pay the penalty tax and take our retirement funds out while we can. If retirement funds are moved off shore the gov will probably demand they are returned to the US.

  • Tee,

    Love the blog. Blogrolled ya on our liberty blog:

    (We even have a category called “the road to serfdom”)

    You’re in Wyoming too, right? Drop me an e-mail. (couldn’t find a contact on here to write you directly.)

    Thank you!
    Michael W. Dean

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  • Thank you for your caring enough to be sharing such important information with fellow Citizens.

    • TeeJaw

      Thanks for visiting! Come back often.

  • Betty Gorman

    Thanks — we need all the info we can get.


    Thanks for including my RAMblings about the Kid from Kenya and his re-election. You have an excellent blog. Robert A. Mullen

  • Don

    I agree 100% with your About statement. Thanks for stating the Founders’ vision so clearly. I’ve been in mourning, and in prayer, since November.

    • TeeJaw

      Thanks for your kind comment, Don.

      Half of this nation is in a state of shock since November 6th, I think. We wonder if we are still the land of the free and the home of the brave, or if we are just another welfare state nation where half the people try to live off of the other half. But just a little over ten days ago was the 68th anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Bulge. In an earlier post on this blog on December 21, 2009 I wrote about that this way:

      The Ardennes Offensive, better known as The Battle of the Bulge, began 65 years ago today. Five days later on December 16, 1944 the Germans had the 101st Ariborne surrounded at Bastogne. The Americans were low on supplies of food and ammunition in the middle of a bitter cold winter. The German commander requested the Americans to surrender. General Anthony McAuliffe scribbled his reply on a paper to be delivered to the German commander in just one word, “Nuts.”

      Soon after supplies of food and ammunition were air dropped to our side and the German offensive began to slowly lose ground until it was defeated five weeks later. It took 19,000 American lives before the battle ended in defeat for the Germans.

      A war analogy is appropriate. Politics is simply war by other means.

      In the middle of a battle it often feels like you are losing. Strong leaders don’t lose heart. They take their licks and fight on, and that is what leads to victory. Republicans are in dire need of some strong leaders right now.

  • Don

    Indeed they are in need of strong leaders – ones not afraid to present a clear and consistent contrast to the other party’s anti-Constitutional actions.

  • JD

    Great article about the Grizzlies. Found this site through a recommendation of this article. I look forward to reading your past entries.

    I beg to differ with your re: the Republican party. For far too long, the senior leaders continue to be in the back pockets of corporations. I sadly see them as opposite side of the same evil coin as the Democrats. For the life of me, I do not understand how Americans have countless choices in everything, except major political parties. Until a formidable one comes along with everyone taking a chance, then it will continue to be politics as usual.

    • TeeJaw

      Thanks for the comment, JD.

      There aren’t a lot of corporations that want senior leaders of the Republican party in their back pocket. Corporations want to get cozy with politicians that can be trusted to do something for them, and that have the juice to make it happen. The Republican leadership is too emasculated, effeminate and feckless to be of any use in that regard.

      Besides, Obama’s crony capitalism is keeping those corporations in his back pocket where they kowtow to him for favors from the government. General Electric is practically a government agency in Obama;’s cabinet. Jeff Immelt may be the CEO, but for all intents and purposes Obama is the sole director.

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  • Al

    Hi Ken,

    I found your website while searching for info about the great state you live in(for a part of the year, as you said),as I plan to study at the University of Wyoming. Being an international student, I can say that I am hurt by the kind of image shown in establishment media of the Heartland. I love US history. Actually I love history and I started from some 10 years ago to read about different countries. and you know what,despite all the negative rhetoric that I hear in my country about US, I resonate with its history the most. How nice you briefed the story of your nation by calling it a platform for “self-governing and self-actualizing” people. Being an economics student, I love to study red states. I Hope I have the chance to.
    once again, thanks for the article, you did a great job.

    • TeeJaw


  • leonard

    I certainly don’t want to be “governed” by any of them, communist/progressive/socialist/rino/neocon/ authoritarian . What we have is a kakistocracy/oligarchy.