A couple of things the media might not tell you..

The Navy Yard Shooter Didn’t Use an AR-15  He used a Joe Biden approved shotgun.

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 11.40.34 AMIf Obama had a fan he’d look like Aaron Alexis

A friend of Navy Yard shooting suspect Aaron Alexis said on CNN Tuesday that the alleged gunman was “more of a liberal type” who was happier with the Obama administration than with the Bush administration.

“Aaron wasn’t conservative like I am. He was more of a liberal type; he wasn’t happy with the former administration. He was more happy with this administration — as far as presidential administrations,” Alexis’ friend Michael Ritrovato said on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper…”

Police reportedly searched a Toyota Prius, which they believe to be Alexis’ rental car.

Aaron Alexis was a Prius-driving Black liberal who voted for Obama. It going to be hard for the media to paint him as a gun-toting right-wing racist, but they’ll try.

You’ll probably never see this reported in the liberal media:

Nine potential mass shootings that were stopped by someone with a personally owned firearm