• Jake

    Wow, incredible album-thanks for making available. Plan to share with Tech. & Const. MGT instructor at MO State Uni. in Springfield, MO who often discusses his interest in rebuilding of site w/students. (Hopefully, it will lead a few of those “math & eng. junkies” to read a some of your more philosophical posts!)

  • LJ Evans

    TeeJaw, have you seen the short video Boatlift about the ferries and tugboats on 9/11? I see a lot of those boats in these photos. There’s a moment in Boatlift when a deckhand says, “They were comin’!” that always gets me. In the midst of hate and tragedy, the strength, resilience and basic goodness of human beings shines through. If you’ve never seen the film I urge everyone to look it up.