27 MIllion Guns Sold in 2016 — Thank You Obama!!

This time I’m not being sarcastic when I thank Obama. I should add a thank you to Hillary Rodham Clinton with the same sincerity. These two are the greatest gun salesman the world has ever known.

Liz Sheld:

I’ve long held that President Obama was a gift to the firearms industry and now we can quantify that theory. In 2016 there were 27,583,673 FBI background checks, an increase of 4 million checks from 2015 and double what we saw during Obama’s first term.

Why the increase? A combination of factors including domestic terror attacks like San Bernardino and Orlando, increased agitating for gun control from the anti-Second Amendment crowd including a possible Hillary Clinton presidency, and social unrest and riots in cities around America.

Following Trump’s election, gun sales have slightly slowed.

Will Democrats realize they’re selling guns and stop their anti-gun agenda? Ha! Not a chance.