Souls Without Longing

Alan Bloom’s 1987 book, The Closing of the American Mind*, has staying power. It’s still a much talked about book 30 years after it first appeared. That’s because Bloom’s description of his elite students on the several elite college campuses where … Continue reading

Is the airbag in your car the ghost in the machine?

It is I who will die if the wrong decision is made, therefore is I who should decide We learned several years ago that airbags in automobiles are a safety device that can kill or injure. Devoted defenders of airbags … Continue reading

Democrats, the Deep State, and their media homies want to destroy our right to govern ourselves

Kurt Schlichter: The blizzard of lies and distraction blowing through Washington is not just any routine stuffstorm, but a calculated attempt to bring down a president – our president, not the establishment’s president. And more than that, it’s an attempt … Continue reading

Crazy gluten free quinoa milk diet kills baby

It’s not harmless to believe a bunch of lunatic stuff. A 7-month-old baby died when his health-food nut parents fed him a diet of quinoa “milk” and other gluten-free, lactose-free dairy alternatives, according to reports. The boy’s mom and dad diagnosed … Continue reading

Camille Paglia: “It’s the collapse of journalism”

Speaking in an interview by the Washington Examiner, Paglia said: “Democrats are doing this in collusion with the media obviously, because they just want to create chaos,They want to completely obliterate any sense that the Trump administration is making any … Continue reading