Shuffling chairs on the deck of the Titanic

As we debate transgender bathrooms and creating “safe spaces” on college campuses to protect students from ideas they don’t like, real threats exist that should be taken seriously. Hypersonic  missiles From China, Russia Pose Growing Danger The United States is … Continue reading

Colorado now competes with California for lunatic status

Colorado was once the columbine state. Then the voters, in their wisdom, legalized marijuana, making Colorado the pot state.  A hopeful delusion holds that legalizing pot and taxing it will do two wonderful things. First, it is said, It will … Continue reading

Fidel Castro’s Firing Squads, Atrocities and Crimes

This will make you wonder what Obama would have hoped to become if he were able to stay in office. I don’t believe Hillary is much different. The reason “Progressives” are so enamored of Castro is because they envy his … Continue reading

Why Trump won — contrasting statements of Trump and Obama on Castro death

Trump won because he offered the American people a clear choice between a continuation under Hillary Clinton of Obama’s icky progressivism that smiles at America’s enemies and snarls at America’s friends, meanwhile imposing mountains of regulatory control over the people by executive … Continue reading

The real story of Thanksgiving

You probably think communism is the political system that Marxist philosophy brought about.  But communism was tried in America as early as 1620 when the first pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts Bay.  Karl Marx’s Das Kapital was still 247 years in the future, … Continue reading

Hillary won the popular vote but here’s the catch

The catch is the electoral college and the historical reason for its existence. If you google “history of the electoral college” you will get lots of explanations of how and why it came to be. Most of them either leave … Continue reading

In case you’re dreading the family discussion at the Thanksgiving dinner table

Guest column at the Washington Free Beacon on this day one year ago: How to Talk to Your Pansy Marxist Nephew at Thanksgiving The reason I’m writing this is because my brother’s dumb kid likes to get chatty with me. … Continue reading