What happened when the North American ice melted?

In the last ice age the upper Midwest of North America was covered with ice a mile thick in some places. You think Chicago is cold now? When that ice age ended as the earth’s climate warmed the melting ice gave … Continue reading

Why I stopped watching Hawaii five-0

I watch television dramas for the same reason most people do, for a compelling story that informs and entertains.  A lot of television drama these days drops the story-telling for disquised political polemics. A recent Hawaii Five-0 episode featuring a … Continue reading

Three competing theories for the re-opening of the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton

The three theories can be succinctly stated this way: (1) Damage control at the FBI; (2) Distraction from further WikiLeaks revelations; and/or (3) The newly discovered emails contain a bombshell. On the other hand, perhaps none of these theories apply. … Continue reading

The Democrat party is a party of death

Not only because it’s the party that wants abortion on demand right up to just one moment before birth, but also because it benefits from people dying. Those who might have voted Republican all their lives suddenly start voting straight … Continue reading

New website that collects all the most damaging WikiLeaks revelations on Hillary Clinton

A new website has been launched to collect all the most damaging WikLieaks revelations about Hillary Clinton’s corruption. Wikleaks is not associated with Wikipedia, it just uses the same first 4 letters in its name. Access to this new website … Continue reading

Wow! MSNBC takes on the sleaze and moral deficit of “Bill Clinton, Inc.”

Morning Joe for 14 minutes over two videos: See also, Inside “Bill Clinton, Inc.”: Hacked email reveals intersection of charity and personal income. How the Clintons used the Clinton Crime Familey Foundation to enrich their personal wealth. … Continue reading