So-called media “fact checkers” are really in the fact distortion business

The public is on to them. A just released Rasmussen poll says voters don’t trust media fact checking. Most voters believe news organizations play favorites when it comes to fact-checking candidates’ statements, but this skepticism is much stronger among voters … Continue reading

Me thinks he doth protest too much…

Comey: “I am not a weasel!” Former assistant AG Andrew McCarthy has made a convincing case that the fix was in and the FBI was never going to recommend indicting Hillary Clinton. See especially Yes, The Fix Was In and … Continue reading

The real reason Hillary was not indicted for mishandling classified information

Obama’s conflict tanked the email investigation. Hillary could not be proven guilty without proving Obama was guilty as well. Obama engaged in the same type of misconduct as Hillary. Not only did he do that, he engaged in it with … Continue reading

Amazing Trump rally at Council Bluffs, Iowa

Yes, it was amazing, to use one of Donald Trump’s words. The entire rally is captured on a 53-minute video just below. If you can’t watch the whole thing, do watch Rudy Giuliani’s opening remarks, about 5 minutes. If you … Continue reading

Who won the debate? (UPDATED)

These are internet “snap” polls so they aren’t scientific, but they’re plenty interesting 7:40 AM Mountain time Tuesday morning: I believe this may be the most important poll I’ve seen, from Breitbart: Drudge Poll Trump 82%, Clinton 18% (number of … Continue reading

Donald Trump Leads in National Poll on Eve of First Debate

Donald Trump has a slight edge on Hillary Clinton on the eve of the first presidential debate, according to a Bloomberg Politics poll released Monday. At the same time, two battleground states have tightened, cutting Clinton’s lead to one percent. … Continue reading

The historical markers between Liberals and Conservatives

From Progressives Against Progress by Fred Siegel: For the first two-thirds of the twentieth century, American liberals distinguished themselves from conservatives by what Lionel Trilling called “a spiritual orthodoxy of belief in progress.” Liberalism placed its hopes in human perfectibility. … Continue reading

Hillary’s Cover-Up Operation

FBI says Clinton IT aide discussed Hillary’s “cover-up operation” in a work email A new document released by the FBI in this week’s “Friday document dump” adds another damning piece of evidence to the inexplicably closed Clinton email case. Obama … Continue reading