Harvey Mansfield on Trump: He’s not a gentleman

Harvard professor and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution Harvey Mansfield (who is also a conservative!) made the case that Donald Trump is no gentleman in an Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Friday. Of course, Professor Mansfield in right. Trump is … Continue reading

Economic freedom leads to economic prosperity

Dan Mitchell: Whether it’s North Korea vs. South Korea, Cuba vs. Chile, or Ukraine vs. Poland, nations with bigger governments and more intervention inevitably decline compared to market-oriented alternatives. The chart at right shows how Botswana has surpassed most other African nations in economic … Continue reading

Venezuela: When socialism fails, move on to slavery

Human nature predicts that when one is prevented from enjoying the fruits of one’s own labor, when a government mandates that one work to support people unwilling to work for themselves, i.e., when a government adopts socialism, the fields will … Continue reading

How to build strength and increase muscle size

Let’s say you can with some effort lift a barbell of a certain weight. Sould you do a lot of reps with that weight, or should to go to heavier weight that you can lift, but only for fewer reps? … Continue reading

John Hinckley released from mental hospital

Yesterday John Hinckley, the man who shot President Reagan in 1981, was released permanently by a Federal judge from St. Elizabeth mental hospital where he has been kept since his trial. I guess the judge found him “rehabilitated.” From the … Continue reading

Liars — How progressives exploit our fears for power and control

In Greek Mythology Cassandra is given the gift of prophesy and the curse that while she could accurately see into the future and know what calamities were coming, nobody would ever believe her. Thus when she warned Troy that that … Continue reading

The Republican party’s big mistake

The Tea Party movement was truly a grass-roots movement that attracted people of every ethnicity and political leaning to appeal to their rulers in Washington for a redress of grievances. By “every political leaning” I mean that the Tea Party … Continue reading

Americans not as keen on abortion as you might think

According to a survey of 1,009 adults conducted July 5-12, 2016, by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion and sponsored by the Knights of Columbus American strongly favor restrictions on abortion. The Supreme Court recently overturned a Texas law that … Continue reading

Female caller to Rush Limbaugh ’s radio show rips him good

From near the end of the first hour on Friday: RUSH:  Here is Sylvana from San Diego.  It’s great to have you.  Hello. CALLER:  Hi.  Hi, Rush.  I’m calling actually regarding the speech, the Donald Trump acceptance speech he did … Continue reading