Violent crime increases after Pot legalization

At least in Washington DC. Pot was legalized 13 months ago and violent crime, when measured by the number of homicides, has risen steadily risen since. The following chart shows it: It could be that legal pot has nothing to do … Continue reading

Obama-appointed Federal Judge upholds 2nd Amendment!

Unconstitutional: US Federal Court Strikes Down Restrictive Gun Law on Mariana Islands A United States federal court ruled on Monday that the gun licensing law in the Mariana Islands Commonwealth violates the Second Amendment. The U.S. territory bans the possession … Continue reading

The Unhappiness Equation

The formula for unhappiness is not accepting reality; this impulse must be overcome in order to find happiness. Most people are about as happy as they decide to be. —- Abraham Lincoln It can’t be known whether Licholn actually said … Continue reading

Chicago: 84% rise in homicides so far in 2016

Violence Surges in Chicago Even as Democrat Control Policing Debate Rages On. As of Friday, 131 people had been killed here in the first months of 2016, an 84 percent rise in homicides from the same period in 2015. There … Continue reading

How many people are killed by Islamic Terror in a year?

A lot of people will be astonished to know the number of people killed worldwide by Islamic terror each year. A website,, keeps track of those numbers by the week, month and year since 9/11. For example, so far in … Continue reading

After Millennials — The Snowflakes

As did Gen X before them, Millennials are getting long in the tooth. A new generation is coming of age now and some people are wondering what to call it. It seems the “Snowflake Generation” might catch on. The “Pusillanimous … Continue reading

Hillsdale College course on the U.S. Constitution

Hillsdale College posts online courses that you can take for no cost. One is underway right now on the implications of the Constitution for public policy. Professor Paul Rahe was assigned the First Amendment: … Continue reading

That anti-Trump ad said to be an attack on Trump’s wife…

This ad was made and presented by a Super Pac operating under the name of “Make America Awesome.” It’s affairs are run by a Republican strategist named Liz Mair. Ted Cruz has been severely criticized for this ad. He doesn’t … Continue reading

Bill Whittle: “Fascist Bastards On The Left”

Fascism is totalitarian in that it views everything as political and holds that any action by the state is justified to achieve the common good. It takes responsibility for all aspects of life, including our health and well-being, and seeks … Continue reading

Eiffel Tower, Next ISIS Target?

ISIS Releases Video with Exploding  Eifell Tower. Quote of the day: Funny how the media cluelessly asks, “What does ISIS want?”, when ISIS couldn’t make it clearer. — Ed Driscoll A post here from yesterday is about how ISIS is … Continue reading