John Oliver’s Take Down of Donald Trump

John Oliver is a lefty but this is the best takedown of Donald Trump I’ve seen. It’s entertaining and, gasp! informative. If you are not a Trumpster you’ll find it hilarious. If you are a Trump supporter you owe it … Continue reading

Open letter to Trump supporters from Senator Ben Sasse

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse wrote an open letter to the supporters of Donald Trump. Here is an excerpt: THE MEANING OF AMERICA America is the most exceptional nation in the history of the world because our Constitution is the best … Continue reading

George Will’s latest on Donald Trump

How to cool down Donald Trump “Hell,” said Alabama’s Democratic Gov. George Wallace before roiling the 1968 presidential race, “we got too much dignity in government now, what we need is some meanness .” Twelve elections later, Wallace’s wish is approaching fulfillment … Continue reading

Sixteen year-old girl has better idea that Britain’s government elite

On BBC’s Question Time, a 16-year-old girl named Lexie Hill took on Britain’s Environment Secretary Liz Truss who claims the government’s proposed deal to remain in the EU will reduce immigration pressures. Miss Lexie Hill sees things a bit differently. … Continue reading

Presidential candidate forum with Ted Cruz

The video below is a presidential forum interview of Ted Cruz. It’s at Regent University which was founded by Pat Robertson. It’s before a religious audience at a religious university but never fear. There is no bible thumping. It’s a … Continue reading

The American people’s declaration of grievances

The Declaration of Independence listed 30 specific grievances against King George III. One of the rights guaranteed in the First Amendment is the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Donald Trump has had success exploiting a … Continue reading

If the choice comes down to either Hillary or Trump, the only good news is that one of them will lose

So says Jacob Sullum at Since Trump has never held public office and seems to have few firm beliefs about anything aside from his own unparalleled competence, it’s hard to predict what he would do as president. Clinton, by … Continue reading

“Occupy Wall Street” activist kills Colorado deputy, wounds 2 others

From the Denver Post: BAILEY — A political [“Occupy”] activist opened fire on Park County sheriff’s deputies trying to evict him from his mountain home Wednesday, killing one deputy and wounding two others. The gunman also died. The shooting happened … Continue reading

She will vote for Trump if she has to, but she won’t like it

Nicole Russell at the Federalist: This year’s presidential race could come down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both are despicable and horrifying choices to lead this country. To vote between them is to play the worst game of “eenie, … Continue reading