Iowa farmer confronts Ted Cruz on ethanol subsidy

This is amazing. Ted Cruz is first attacked for wanting to end the ethanol subsidy but converts the farmer to his side, shows great compassion for the plight of Iowa farmers. The last moments of this video will touch your … Continue reading

The New York Times is dumber and more partisan that we thought

The New York Times is dumber than I thought. Yesterday, The New York Times editorial board called for transaction taxes on trading financial instruments. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders favor transaction taxes. They are dumber than I thought. Comedy writing … Continue reading

Ted Cruz releases brilliant, hard hitting ad aimed at Trump

More crony capitalism and deals with Democrats is what we get with Trump, Constitutional government and free markets with Cruz. Every deal the GPO establishment has made with Democrats has been a good deal for liberal Democrats and a lousy … Continue reading

FBI “super pissed off” at Obama

Obama may be trying to prepare the public for Hillary’s escape from justice. Related: State Department to withhold thousands of Hillary Clinton emails until after the New Hampshire primary. This is in defiance of a Federal Court order from last … Continue reading

Ted Cruz Nails it on GOP Establishment question

Chris Wallace asks a question filled with the innuendo that Ted Cruz is somehow at fault for the GOP Establishment not liking him (not liking him? They hate his guts.) Cruz gives a terrific answer to Wallace: … Continue reading

Bill Whittle on Trump

Bill Whittle says Donald Trump is not his favorite for the nomination but should he win the nomination Whittle will vote for him. I second that. Whittle says Trump and his supporters are certainly not the enemy in this election … Continue reading

Ted Cruz invites Trump to a Mano A Mano debate

Register for NRA Advanced Defensive Pistol Class in Jackson Hole! From the Ted Cruz Campaign: WEST DES MOINES, IA – Today, presidential candidate Ted Cruz invited Donald Trump to a one-on-one debate held before Iowa Republican voters caucus and make their … Continue reading