Crime wave in East Central Wyoming?

Well, not quite that bad. But, A crime surge has accompanied Wyoming’s oil boom. Serious crimes including aggravated assault and larceny are up 17 percent in the Douglas area since 2009, according to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation. Wyoming oil … Continue reading

Officer Darren Wilson’s case for self defense in the death of Michael Brown

This is just one small part of Darren Wilson’s testimony before the grand jury. He testified that he asked Michael Brown to come over to this car. As the officer started to exit the vehicle Brown pushed the car door … Continue reading

The Pilgrims’ Real Thanksgiving Lesson

While giving thanks today for all that we have, we should remember that it was the institution of private property rights by Governor William Bradford that saved the Pilgrims from starvation and misery. That’s what they were thankful for at … Continue reading

Communalism Did Not Protect the Pilgrims From Starvation in the Winter of 1620-1621

A recent [2010] television production on the History Channel titled “The Real Story of Thanksgiving” made the entirely false declaration that the system of communal property first established at the Plymouth colony protected them from starvation during their first winter … Continue reading

The Real Story of Thanksgiving

The Real Story of Thanksgiving After three years of starvation and want the Pilgrims, under Governor William Bradford, abolished the practice of farming in common, which was they practice they brought with them from England. The harvest of 1623 was … Continue reading

Beware the $100 bill on your windshield

You’ve heard of it, the $100 bill a car jacker sticks on your windshield to get you to step out of your car so he can steal it.  But you recognize this as nonsense, right? An urban legend. Karen Straughn … Continue reading

I think these phenomena are connected…

First, to lay the foundation upon which to build an idea: The way we gain understanding of what’s going on in the world around us is related to our ability to see what is connected and what isn’t.  It’s not … Continue reading

Albert Bierstadt, 1830-1902

Bierstadt was first a member of the Hudson River School of painters whose painting of the Hudson River Valley was called luminism for its attention to detail with the use of glowing light. Bierstadt soon, however, became infatuated by the … Continue reading