A criminal organization masquerading as a political party

Michael Walsh: I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but maybe now you’re beginning to understand the high-stakes game we’re playing here. This ain’t John McCain’s logrolling senatorial club any more. This is a deadly serious attempt to realize … Continue reading

186,873 Reasons to Carry a Gun

186,873. That’s the number of outstanding felony warrants for criminals who aren’t being pursued by the cops because they don’t have the resources to do it, according to USA Today (based on statistics from the FBI).  These are persons with outstanding … Continue reading

Burglars In Blue

This is a repost from February, 2010. The Denver Post today carries an obituary for Mr. Winstanley who died Saturday at age 78. Beware when you embark on crime while young, even if you go on to live on the … Continue reading

Joe Biden says raising the minimum wage is good for business

Biden says fair wages generate worker loyalty, leading to higher productivity and less turnover. He says it boosts the economy by generating $19 billion in additional income for the neediest people. Oh.  Well, if that’s true why does the government … Continue reading

Marriage advice for a happy life from Charles Murray

Think of marriage as a business. Some are mergers, some are startups. From Murray’s column today in the Wall Street Journal: Merger marriages are what you tend to see on the weddings pages of the Sunday New York Times: highly … Continue reading

FBI accuses Anti-gun SAN FRANCISCO DEMOCRAT Leland Yee of gun trafficking

The NRA has written about the recent arrest of California state Senator Leland Yee, who surprise surprise, happens to be a DEMOCRAT and a radical supporter of taking guns aways from law abiding citizens.  He has an A+ rating from … Continue reading

It’s dangerous to walk on train tracks thinking you’ll hear a train coming in plenty of time

You’d hear a train like the one in this picture coming, but modern trains can be silent killers. Around 7 p.m. last Friday, Mickayla Friend and her boyfriend were walking along train tracks while traveling to their high school’s Sadie … Continue reading

Point of law — Vehicular Assault-DUI

In Colorado, § 18-3-205(1)(b)(I), C.R.S. 2013 provides: If a person operates or drives a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or one or more drugs, or a combination of both alcohol and one or more drugs*, and this … Continue reading

Social justice and ordinary justice

Walter E. Williams, Concealing Evil: Evil acts are given an aura of moral legitimacy by noble-sounding socialistic expressions, such as spreading the wealth, income redistribution, caring for the less fortunate, and the will of the majority. This is why socialism … Continue reading