Hope and Change in America

Make that “Hype and Cruelty” in America.  A Toronto women has her caribbean cruise vacation ruined by the Department of Homeland Security because she was hospitalized in Canada for clinical depression in 2012. From the Toronto Star: Ellen Richardson went … Continue reading

Why are there so many suicides among the wives of cops?

Maybe there aren’t as many as you’d think from the news stories.  Maybe murders are being covered up as suicides?  I don’t know for sure about that, but there was a disturbing story from St. John’s County, Florida (St. Augustine) … Continue reading

Obamacare exchanges are government sponsored consumer fraud

Obama says the insurance exchanges are offering policies that are better than the “sub-standard” insurance you now have. No, he’s still lying. The exchange policies are probably worse than the one you already had and which he promised you could … Continue reading

Al Sharpton Finds Actual Racism, Condemns It, Hell Freezes Over

Al Sharpton condemns “Knockout Attacks” by Blacks against Whites, recognizes it for the racial violence that it is.  Whoa, gadzooks, holy moly.  What is happening here?  The race baiter of the 1991 Crown Heights riots, the architect of the Twana … Continue reading