Not to worry — If the government shuts down tomorrow you’ll still be able to buy a gun

Whew, that’s a relief. This must be an oversight on the Obama administration’s part. Your Second Amendment rights will not be impacted by a government shutdown. The FBI has told gun retailers that government shutdown or not, the National Instant … Continue reading

Today in History — Women get right to vote in Wyoming

On September 30, 1889, Wyoming legislators wrote the first state constitution granting women the right to vote. Wyoming gained statehood in 1890. Wyoming has been known as the “Equality State” ever since. So, why did they do that, give women … Continue reading

Strength of character, sacrificing to do what you think is right, the Pat Tillman story

Bill Bennett’s American Patriots Almanac: Football season is a good time to remember Pat Tillman. As an Arizona State University linebacker he weighed barely 200 pounds, but he gained a reputation for bone-rattling hits and helped lead his team to … Continue reading

What would happen if the government gave everyone $20 Million?

We’d all be rich, right? The economy would take off like a rocket ship with all the consumer spending that would result, right?  Jobs would be plentiful…Oh, wait.  We wouldn’t need to have jobs.  We’d all have $20 Million!  Why … Continue reading

De-Federalize the drinking age

If Republicans were smart and not so lazy there is a great opportunity for them to make inroads on the youth vote, and do something constructive for the nation at the same time. Right now the drinking age in America … Continue reading

Hollywood bites the hand that fed them with tax breaks

Hollywood is a welfare client of the government because of tax breaks given to them by Ronald Reagan. See Wall Street Journal, February 23, 2013: The Hollywood Tax Story They Won’t Tell At The Oscars) No matter, their false narrative … Continue reading

“I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country”

On this day 237 years ago, September 22, 1776, American patriot Nathan Hale was hanged on the order of British General William Howe, at a spot near where Central Park is today in New York City.  As a British soldier … Continue reading

Sarah Palin does politics with humor and Alinsky’s fifth rule

Sarah Palin is effective because she could not care less what liberals think of her and she is a master at using Alinsky’s rule No. 5. Here she is also making application of Alinsky’s rules 6 and 8. More Republicans … Continue reading

Maybe we should just legalize pot throughout America and then all get stoned…

These words are found in the middle of the scariest thing you’ll read all week: But that speech Wiggleroom gave, that statement he made. It reveals a level of thinking — if “thinking” isn’t too strong a word — appropriate … Continue reading