Dana Loesch — Second Amendment Suffragette

From an interview with Colorado Peak Politics: “Coloradans need our help right now. Their state legislature was hijacked by an orchestrated two-election blueprint (also a book) and what occurs in Colorado is the germination of what progressives want to replicate … Continue reading

Cops careless with guns — again

Government officials are awfully concerned about how we mere private citizens manage our firearms. Connecticut recently tightened already stringent rules about gun storage, and politicians are full of ideas about trigger locks, documentation, and who can touch your guns and for how long without … Continue reading

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision

From the New York Post: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie defended his opposition to gay marriage and blasted the Supreme Court’s ruling on the issue as a “bad decision” and an example of judicial overreach. Christie — stood by his … Continue reading

Quote of the day — on why no government can ever design an intelligent national health care system

Kevin Williamson, Nobody knows how to make a pencil, or a health care system, National Review, May 20, 2013: The problem of politics is the problem of knowledge. The superiority of market processes to political processes is not in origin … Continue reading

“Layfayette, We Are Here” — WW I American Soldiers Arrive in France on June 25, 1917

On this day in 1917, transport ships carrying 14,000 U.S. troops in the American Expeditionary Force approached the shores of France, where the soldiers joined the Allied fight against the Central Powers in World War I.  They disembarked the next … Continue reading

A Remarkable letter from Loretto Prison

John Kiriakou’s well-written letter-from-prison. [loads slow, please be patient.  Use back button to return here] Duke University Economics Professor Mike Munger, on his Blog Kids Prefer Cheese, says this letter is “almost Gramsci quality.” I assume he is referring to … Continue reading

Running the car into the ditch

During most of 2008-2009 Obama campaigned, and later governed, with the mantra that the sub-prime mortgage crisis, as well as the larger financial crisis, was all the Republicans’ fault.  That was never true since the Bush administration in 2006 began … Continue reading

Black Panther leader who has the words ‘Kill Whitey’ tattooed on his FACE is arrested after cops catch him carrying an unlicensed loaded weapon on the streets of New York and wearing a bullet proof vest

Maruse Heath is the guy in the photo below whom Attorney General Eric Holder refused to prosecute for voter intimidation after he was arrested for standing in front of a voting place in Philadelphia wearing paramilitary gear and carrying a … Continue reading

Who won the Supreme Court’s proof of citizenship voting case?

On Monday of this week the U.S. Supreme Court handed down Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc., in which the Court held that the State of Arizona could not require proof of citizenship when someone registers to vote.  Actually, … Continue reading