A simple question, but the answer may not be obvious

Obama is clearly the most radical leftist ideologue ever to occupy the White House.  He continues to go farther over the top with his radical policies and antics, doing things we’ve never seen before. These include his failure to do … Continue reading

A quote to remember — and try to understand

“The Democrats’ strategy may deepen national divisions, and lead to bad policy, but it is, so far, the winning approach.” One should read that a few times, let it sink in.  I believe it is as true as it is … Continue reading

America At The Brink of Financial Ruin

Forget the “fiscal cliff.” That was nothing compared to what America faces in the near future. Barack Obama has taken America to the brink of financial ruin. We see by his determination to not allow even very small reductions in … Continue reading

Should gun owners be required to have liability insurance for misuse of their guns?

Law professor Nelson Lund, whom I thought was a friend of gun owners but I must have been mistaken, has an article in the New York Times suggesting that making gun owners buy insurance might be a solution to gun … Continue reading

Gun grabbing Democrats in Colorado don’t care about human rights for the poor

The core holding in the United States Supreme Court’s opinion in DC v. Heller is that the Second Amendment secures for individuals their natural human right of self defense. The court held this to be a fundamental right that does … Continue reading

Democrats don’t understand the difference between a standard magazine and a high-capacity magazine

A standard magazine is the one that is recommended by the manufacturer for optimal functioning of a particular firearm.  A Glock 19’s standard magazine holds 14 rounds.  You can get a 30-round magazine for a Glock 19.  It sticks out … Continue reading

Second Amendment victory in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

Gun owners get some much needed good news today.  The 7th Circuit United States Court of Appeals in Chicago has denied a request from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan for an en banc rehearing of the three-judge panel ruling in December … Continue reading