Who benefits when a society is disarmed? Rapists, that’s who.

In Great Britain all firearms of every type are illegal.  That doesn’t mean no one has guns, only that the great majority of people don’t.  Does this benefit that great majority?  Are they safer because guns are outlawed? There were … Continue reading

A straightforward analysis of the Constitutionality of a so-called “assault weapons” ban

Gun Control Fails Rationality Test by Randy Barnett in today’s Washington Examiner: In 2008, the Supreme Court held that the right to keep and bear arms was a fundamental right. In DC v. Heller, the court did not specify the … Continue reading

Wyoming set to eliminate a host of gun-free zones

There are bills pending in the Wyoming legislature to eliminate a host of “gun-free zones” in Wyoming.  Colorado law creates 4 gun-free zones where persons with CCW permits cannot carry. Those are Federal facilities, K-12 schools, government buildings under certain … Continue reading

Personal Defense Weapons — Urban Rifles — Assault Rifles

What is an AR-15 rifle?  Well, that depends.  It’s not any one thing.  It depends on who has it.  If it’s the Department of Homeland Security, an AR-15 is a personal defense weapon.  They’ve just put in an order for … Continue reading

Reuters shamelessly lying for Obama

This Reuters news story on the District of Columbia U.S. Court of Appeals unanimously overturning Obama’s unconstitutional “recess” appointments to the National Labor Relations Board shows how the media either blatantly lies for Obama or, the only alternative, the media … Continue reading

County Sheriffs of Colorado Oppose All Proposals for New Gun Control Laws

The County Sheriffs of Colorado, of which I am a proud honorary member, has issued a position paper stating their opposition to all proposals for new gun control laws, and stating the reasons therefore. It’s available in pdf form at … Continue reading

A Gun Owner’s Responsibilities

The National Rifle Association is, among other things, a firearms training organization.  The NRA trains more responsible and law-abiding citizens that any other training entity in the Country.  The NRA has courses in firearms that range from the  “First Steps” … Continue reading

What Difference Does it Make?

I think Hillary Rodham Clinton is going to regret for a long time her outburst at Senator Ron Johnson in her “testimony” on Benghazi the other day. Well, she probably won’t regret it but it’s going to haunt her anyway. … Continue reading