Sky high murder rate in Venezuela where guns are banned to everyone except military, police, and apparently…criminals

Venezuela will probably end 2012 with more than 19,000 murders which will give it a murder rate of 73 per 100,000 population. By comparison, the U.S. murder rate for 2011 was 4.2 per 100,000 even though Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore … Continue reading

The First Million Mom March

This is a re-post from March 6, 2010.  It’s timely again. This video is from Wednesday of this week at a Starbucks coffee shop in Seattle. Supporters and opponents clashed over Starbuck’s announcement that it will not go along with … Continue reading

Time to bite the bullet

This is from an email someone sent to friends who have apparently circulated it widely on the internet: I’m going to bite the bullet, too!!!! Will you join me! President Obama ordered the cabinet to cut $100,000,000.00 ($100 million) from … Continue reading

Best violence against women quote of 2012

Dean: It’s almost as if we’re afraid to see women as human beings with the same flaws as men. Erin: Isn’t it awful? Because it’s so condescending to tell all women they’re victims. I’m not a victim. I made my … Continue reading

Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the country — and 500 homicides so far in 2012

Chicago reaches 500 homicides with latest fatal shooting That’s up from 435 in 2011.  Well, what would you expect when you’ve created a system where all the bad guys have guns and the good guys don’t.  But of course most … Continue reading

P.J. O’Rourke: Dear Mr. President, Zero Sum Doesn’t Add Up

Is life like a pizza, where if some people have too many slices, other people have to eat the pizza box? P.J. O’Rourke on the opinion page of today’s Wall Street Journal.  I’m not sure if it’s behind the WSJ … Continue reading

Maybe it won’t work this time

Liberals Panic as they lose the gun control narrative When you argue for a living, you can tell how an argument is going for you. The evidence and my gut both tell me that the liberals have lost control of … Continue reading

Maria Bartiromo smackdown of Senator Ben Cardin (D., MD)

Senator Cardin claims to be trying to reach a deal with Republicans on the fiscal cliff but Maria Bartiromo isn’t buying anymore of his Bullshit. Raising taxes on the “rich” is all they’ve got and Bartiromo responds: “That’s all you … Continue reading