Stupid headline of the day

From the Washington Post: In Pa., Obama pushes for his debt-reduction approach Obama has no “debt-reduction” approach.  His only proposal so far is a $1.6 trillion tax increase and elimination of the debt ceiling.  He proposes no spending cuts of … Continue reading

A case that might make me question the death penalty

I’m a firm believer in the death penalty. Some criminals and their crimes are so heinous and cruel they should be eliminated from this earth. But this sort of thing forces me think hard about it.  To think hard about … Continue reading

A quote for our times

It would have been hard to know the wisdom of Friedrich Hayek or Milton Friedman or Matt Ridley or Deirdre McCloskey in August of 1914, before the experiments in large government were well begun. But anyone who after the 20th … Continue reading

Senator Mitch McConnell says emphatic no to tax hikes

Mitch McConnell slammed the door on tax hikes and bashed Democrats today on the Senate Floor. “The only reason Democrats are insisting on raising rates is because raising rates on the so-called rich is the Holy Grail of liberalism, the … Continue reading

A sordid tale of Chicago politics that reveals how Obama got his start

All about Jesse Jackson, Jr., Bill Clinton’s lame-duck pardon of sex-offender and felon Mel Reynolds now running for Jackson, Jr.’s vacated Congressional seat, and Obama’s first entry onto the crime scene of Chicago’s political stink hole, at Investors’ Business Daily. … Continue reading

Example No. 10,742 that raising the top marginal income tax rate does not raise any new revenue to the government

From the Telegraph: In the 2009-10 tax year, more than 16,000 people declared an annual income of more than £1 million to HM Revenue and Customs. This number fell to just 6,000 after Gordon Brown introduced the new 50p top … Continue reading

The fiscal cliff is political theater; it’s got nothing to do with fiscal issues

“Obama is not trying to fix our fiscal issues, he is trying to destroy the Republicans.” — Charles Krauthammer “The ads not only write themselves if the 2012 GOP folds as badly as Bush #41 — they’ve already been written.” … Continue reading

Obama: savior, protector, provider, hero to women everywhere…

Donna Vanzant lost her business to Hurricane Sandy, Obama feels her pain, promises assistance: Oops, turns out it was just a photo op, Obama’s promises are empty ladies, no better than the ones your worthless ex-husband gave you. … Continue reading

Republicans should hope that Obama nominates Susan Rice for Secretary of State

If Kirsten Powers is right about this, Republicans should stop objecting to Obama nominating Susan Rice for Secretary of State and fervently hope that he does. … Continue reading