MSNBC doctored the audio of a Romney rally to give a false impression of what happened

MSNBC relied on something called the McGurk Effect to make viewers think Romney stopped the crowd from chanting “Ryan, Ryan,…” and told them to chant “Romney-Ryan, Romney-Ryan…” They did this by running a video with an electronically generated caption superimposed … Continue reading

Obama voter at Romney rally getting her free “Obama Fo…”

In the old days in places like Cleveland or Chicago The party bosses uses to pass out free chickens to the party faithful as they came out of the polling place after voting. Obama gives his voters a free cell … Continue reading

Don’t be fooled, “2016: Obama’s America” will NOT be on TV Sunday

The rumor that Fox News will air Dinesh D’Souza’s movie 2016:Obama’s America this Sunday is a dirty trick by Obama people to suppress moviegoers from going to the theater this Sunday. A pirated version was briefly up on YouTube but … Continue reading

Obama has the moron vote locked up

This Obama supporter says assassinated Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens “probably had it coming.” The video is at Twitchy. Wonder if he is going to vote on November 6th?  Or if he knows there is going to be an election?  Shhhh. … Continue reading

“Perilous Times” for Israel, if Obama is re-elected

“Obama made the Palestinians more extreme and pushed the parties farther apart on peace than ever before.” “A second Obama term will severely jeopardize Israel’s security.” If any Jew in America believes Israel has a right to exist, he or … Continue reading

New report that Obama White House knew Libya attack was terrorism — network morning news avoids the story

Ryan Robertson at NewsBusters: In an article published shortly before 5 a.m. EDT on the morning of Sept. 26, The Daily Beast’s Eli Lake revealed that three separate U.S. intelligence officials confirmed to him that within 24 hours of the September 11 attack … Continue reading

Hanna Rosin Finds a Feminist Paradise

“The most patient and thorough research about the hook-up culture shows that over the long run, women benefit greatly from living in a world where they can have sexual adventures without commitment or all that much shame, and where they … Continue reading