Barack Obama — The Incredible Shrinking Man

What can America expect in the final stretch of the 2012 election cycle? Bill Whittle tells you what you will see and hear from the Romney/Ryan ticket, and from the Obama/Biden ticket. Will we hear an honest debate about the … Continue reading

Clint Eastwood Speech at the Republican Convention

If you missed it, this is good. Real good. It’s a speech delivered in low key, more with regret than malice, and with poignant references to Obama’s failures and strange beliefs, the need for him to go, to make way … Continue reading

There is one political party of diversity in America — it’s the Republican party

George W. Bush, whatever else you might think of him, appointed and nominated more people of color to serve in his administration and to the courts than the Democrats have ever done.  That is the simple truth and denying it … Continue reading

This is why the Republicans are called the stupid party

Republicans started with a unified convention supporting Romney. Then they started a factional war. Conservatives and the Tea Party didn’t want Romney in the primaries, they wanted a conservative. But when Romney won the primaries, conservatives put away their misgivings … Continue reading

The coming Obama tax bomb, if he’s re-elected

Stephen Moore, writing in Friday’s Wall Street Journal: Under Mr. Obama’s plan, which takes effect automatically unless the tax hike is called off, the capital gains tax rate rises to 23.8% from 15%; and small-business profits are taxed at just … Continue reading

Charts that should spell the defeat of Obama

I don’t know if charts such as this will defeat Obama but the reality they depict certainly should. Obama will undoubtedly get 100% of the moron vote, but I refuse to believe that it’s enough for him to win. Click … Continue reading