Colorado Democrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter Uses Aurora Shooting to Justify Obamacare

Never let a good crisis, or a mass shooting, go to waste. Perlmutter shows his ignorance about insurance. If you wreck your car when you don’t have insurance you can’t rush out and buy insurance to get your car fixed. … Continue reading

Obama needs the Buckeye State — but a lot of them sure don’t need him

Who built that? Who made that happen? Obama says it’s not the one who first conceived it, and then worked for it — no, no. Somebody else made that happen. Somebody that did none of the work, somebody that signed … Continue reading

Who owns the rain?

In Oregon the state says the government owns it. The state prosecutors and going after a man who collected rain water on his land on the theory that he is violating a statute that says the City of Medford owns … Continue reading

Why Greens should be thankful for the new oil and gas future of the United States

Of course, there aren’t thankful at all, in fact they hate it and are trying to stop it. But the Green goddess Gaia is a treacherous slut; she has made so much oil and gas that her Green worshipers cannot … Continue reading

Three bear cubs stuck in a dumpster get a little help reuniting with mama bear

Some baby bears got into a dumpster and couldn’t climb the walls to get out. They were stuck in the dumpster over night. Mama bear sat by the dumpster all night listening to her cubs cry. Then a good samaritan … Continue reading

C.L. Bryant Gives A Stemwinder At Free-PAC

C.L. Bryant is a Baptist minister and a passionate defender of freedom. Free-PAC is the political action group of Freedom Works, a grassroots organization created and chaired by former U.S. House member Dick Armey and dedicated to low taxes, less … Continue reading

Armed citizen stops knife-wielding maniac in Salt Lake City Smith’s store

Channel 4 Salt Lake City: A citizen with a gun stopped a knife wielding man as he began stabbing people Thursday evening at the downtown Salt Lake City Smith’s store. Police say the suspect purchased a knife inside the store … Continue reading

Understanding New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

The way to understand Bloomberg and his ilk is to understand that his rants are not about gun control as much as they are about control. Bloomberg is not so stupid that he actually thinks gun control laws will stop … Continue reading