What Chief Justice Roberts would have us believe in this case….

is exactly the same as Solicitor General Donald Verilli tried to have the Court believe in his oral argument, namely that the health insurance mandate penalty is not a tax for purposes of the Anti-injunction Act but is a tax … Continue reading

An act of great cunning?

That’s the title of Hillsdale College Professor Paul Rahe’s piece at Ricochet on Chief Justice John Roberts’ holding that the Obamacare mandate is a tax and not a mandate, even though Obama and his supporters went to great lengths in … Continue reading

Obama and his fellow travelers have given us 42 straight months of rosy economic predictions — all of them wrong and most of them stupid

Ben Bernanke in March, 2009: I think as those green shoots begin to appear in different markets and as some confidence begins to come back, that will begin the positive dynamic that brings our economy back. So begins a column … Continue reading

#FullRepeal The Obamatax

OK, so the health insurance mandate is a tax. It’s an Obamatax that is estimated to cost taxpayers at least $1 trillion, some say $1.7 trillion. The largest tax increase in the history of world, it is said. Here’s the … Continue reading

Did Roberts hand a big defeat to the legal left with his shambles of an opinion in the Obamacare case?

James Taranto who writes the Best of the Web Today column for The Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal webpage thinks so.  I think it was a small defeat that won’t stop the left one bit, but Taranto is a giant so … Continue reading

Comments on Chief Justice Roberts’ Obamacare Decision

The formidable Richard Epstein of the University of Chicago says it’s “intellectually shabby” for the way Roberts has to turn himself in knots trying to justify a tax on inactivity. His statement that taxing not buying health insurance is no … Continue reading

Tomorrow (or today if it’s Thursday) we find out how much of our liberty we get to keep

UPDATE 10:30 EDT:  So we lose our liberty.  Obamacare upheld on grounds the mandate is a tax, something no one thought could be done, not even Obama.  The only hope now is that Republicans sweep the White House and Congress … Continue reading