Remembering Milton Friedman (1912-2006)

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Milton Friedman’s birth and the 50th anniversary of the publication of Capitalism and Freedom From Remembering Milton by Allen R.Sanderson: Quotes of Milton Friedman, call these gems “The Wisdom of Milton Friedman:” Concentrated … Continue reading

Word of the Day

catholic adjective SYNONYMS: Universal, diverse, diversified, wide, broad, broad-based, eclectic, liberal, latitudinarian; comprehensive, all-encompassing, all-embracing, all-inclusive. Her musical tastes are quite catholic He was hard to provoke; open- minded; catholic in his views.     — Economist and Nobel laureate Robert … Continue reading

I Think We’ll Be Seeing A Lot More of This…

From Pensions and Investments: In an apparent first, a public pension plan files for bankruptcy In what’s believed to be a first by a public pension plan, the Northern Mariana Islands Retirement Fund, Saipan, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection … Continue reading

Guns Save Lives — A Recent Example

Thirty-four year old Kiet Thanh Ly, a South Vietnam national, bought a knife at a Salt Lake City Smith’s grocery store and then started stabbing people with it. He was able to seriously injure 2 people before a 47-year old … Continue reading

Love of Theory Is The Root Of All Evil

The website Bill whittle mentions and from whence he found what he calls “the greatest sentence ever” is here. The most pernicious “theory” of the left, to my lights, is what they call “Critical Legal Theory.”  Its roots go as … Continue reading

Alan Dershowitz Says Prosecutor Angela Cory Should Be Thinking About Hiring Her Own Defense Lawyer

Ordinary self defense law, regardless of any “stand your ground” law, is that one must have a reasonable fear of great bodily injury or death before one is justified in using deadly force in self defense against an attacker.  If … Continue reading

Delusional Nonsense at the Occupy the Justice Department Rally

Some facts to consider in the face of the superstitious nonsense being promulgated by Obama’s useful idiots: Mumia Abu-Jamal (born Wesley Cook on April 24, 1954) is a convicted cop killer. He is presently serving a life sentence for the … Continue reading

Two Robbers Lost When They Confronted a Woman With A Gun and a Warrior Mindset

Lulu Campbell is a 57-year old Filipina who owns 13 convenience stores in and around Macon, Georgia.  Her deceased husband was a police officer and he taught her how to shoot.  She owns several guns and she always carries one … Continue reading

If You Wanted America To Fail, That Would Be Easy — Just Don’t Change A Thing

Below is devilishly well done video from Free Market America that was inspired by Paul Harvey’s classic “If I Were The Devil.” Here is the Paul Harvey classic, “If I Were The Devil.” … Continue reading