Quote From the Obamacare Case Briefs

The heavy-handed demands of temporary politicians seeking to fundamentally and permanently change the relationship between the citizen and government – in a manner that no past Congress or Executive have undertaken and which the Constitution does not allow – must … Continue reading

Europe at Night During Earth Hour in 1992 and 2010

CORRECTION: The photos don’t necessarily represent Europe precisely at 8:30 PM on March 31st of 1992 and 2010, but do represent how little influence the “earth hour” nonsense has had. … Continue reading

Merchants of Despair Creating Economic Malaise

Obama’s pals like David Axelrod, Harry Reid and Tim Geithner are some of the many Merchants of Despair. They’re costing taxpayers trillions and creating deep national divides based on class and race. Bill Whittle explains: … Continue reading

Obamacare #FAIL: Day 3 at the Supreme Court

Something I don’t understand —- we’ve all heard the commentators say that Obamacare, The “Affordable Care Act,” [Joke!] failed to contain a severability clause, a clause that if any part of it were unconstitutional the remainder would remain in force. … Continue reading

Obamacare in the Supreme Court on Tuesday

There is news galore on the oral arguments in the Supreme Court on Tuesday on whether the individual mandate is constitutional.  Wickard v. Filburn in 1942 is the Supreme Court case that essentially eviscerated the commerce clause of the U.S. … Continue reading

New Black Panthers May Have Committed Several Felonies by Offering a Reward for the Kidnapping of George Zimmerman

J.Christian Adams thinks so, and he’s a pretty smart lawyer.  The one that stands out among many is solicitation to kidnap.  Solicitation was one of the inchoate offenses at common law and is now codified in American law.  In one … Continue reading

Hate Tweets Over Cheney’s Heart Transplant

The Right Scoop has posted several of the hate tweets liberals have made over Dick Cheney’s heart transplant.  This is not news.  It’s never news when liberals display their hatred and viciousness for all to see. Here’s a sample: Plenty … Continue reading

Sturm Ruger Stock Beats Gold Over the Last 5 Years

You’d have done better with stock in Sturm Ruger, the 4th largest gun maker in America (NASDAQ: RGR), than you would if you’d bought gold over the last 5 years. It’s stock is up 571% since November, 2007, and it’s … Continue reading

I’m Gonna Tell That To The Devil When I — See Him Today…

I grew up with Paul Harvey on the radio at noon every day. I always looked forward to, “the rest of the story.” The rest of the story was the conclusion of it, what it meant, the part the rest … Continue reading