Election Day Tea Party 2012: A New Beginning

TARP and Stimulus, or porkulus as it might be called, were both unnecessary massive spending programs that did little or nothing for the economy. We were promised lower unemployment and economic growth but we got neither. The politicians are the … Continue reading

Law-Abiding Mexicans Taking Up Guns

I’ve thought for a long time that this needed to happen. The story comes from National Public Radio, of all places. It’s positive! It’s even fair! Hell must have frozen over. In Mexico, where criminals are armed to the teeth … Continue reading

Off Duty Denver Cop Intervenes in Robbery — Results Are Mixed

This story has been reported extensively, in The Denver Post and Channel4 News and elsewhere.  Here’s what happened: A female Denver Police Sergeant went into a Walgreens store to pick up a prescription.  Two masked men run into the pharmacy … Continue reading

Ontario Judge to Muslim Family: “You Have No Place In Civilized Society.”

Those are the words of a Judge in Kingston, Ontario as he sentenced the husband, wife and 21-year old son to life in prison for the “honor” killing of the family’s three daughters and the husband’s former wife. Prosecutors said the … Continue reading

Thousands Line Up for Mark Levin’s Book Signing

Thousands line up at Tyson’s Corner Mall in Northern Virginia for Mark Levin’s signing of his new book Ameritopia which is number 6 in Amazon ranking and number one at Barnes and Noble. The author wrote this in the epilogue: … Continue reading

A Timely Quote When Time is Running Out

Roger Kimball says: …the Republicans’ only live hope for the 2012 Presidential election is to endorse an articulate conservative candidate. So far, they have failed to find him (or her). Time is running out. The spectacle of mutually assured destruction … Continue reading

Goods News On Traffic Fatalities

[This was originally posted five days ago. I moved it to the top because of an excellent comment by Eric which forced me to explain and defend what I said in the post.] According to the National Highway Traffic Safety … Continue reading

The CDC is overstating sexual violence in the U.S.

Christina Hoff Sommers: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a study suggesting that rates of sexual violence in the United States are comparable to those in the war-stricken Congo. How is that possible? The agency’s figures are … Continue reading