Attention Armed Robbers: Circle K Welcomes You, Come On In!

Based on this story in the news today, I imagine a press release from Circle K convenience stores to go something like this: Circle K today took action after a clerk in one of our stores over-reacted when an armed … Continue reading

The Year the Wheels Fell Off

Jed Babbin at the American Spectator recounts the steady stream of political knavery, green graft and governmental stupidity of 2011: The Year The Wheels Fell Off. I liked them all, especially this one: “An enterprising BBC reporter — seeking to … Continue reading

The Clinton Economic Boom of the 1990’s — Let’s Talk About That

Alexis Garcia talks to Marbue Brown, author of “The Clinton Economic Boom.” Brown argues that the economic boom of the 1990’s had little to do with Bill Clinton’s policies and more to do with Y2K, the internet, telecom deregulation, easy … Continue reading

Greed — The World Runs On It — Because Everyone Has Plenty of It

Capitalism is the best system because it’s based on human nature being intractable and universal; it assumes people will act according to their natures, and we are all driven by our nature to seek the advancement of our own self … Continue reading

Police Officer Fatalities on the Job

Dangerous occupation? 173 cops died in the line of duty in 2011, so far that is. Life insurance underwriters do not rate the occupation any more dangerous than other occupations, such as delivery van driver or legal secretary. That’s because … Continue reading

Progressivism vs. Progress

Results of Progressivism, i.e., continuos liberal Democrat rule in Detroit since at least 1956: Progress by American capitalism and freedom: A 5 megabyte hard drive being loaded on an airplane in 1956: A one Terabyte hard drive in 2011: My … Continue reading

“Don’t Tread On Me” versus “Tread On Us All”

The irreconcilable difference between the Classical Liberalism of the Tea Party movement [Don’t Tread on Me] and the Progressivism of the Occupy Movement [Tread On Us All]. Based on Richard A. Epstein’s new book from Broadside, this video outlines the … Continue reading

Rick Perry Shifts His Stance on Abortion

From Rick Perry’s website, his official position on abortion is as follows: Protect the unborn via sonogram requirement. (Feb 2011) The right to privacy is fictitious. (Nov 2010) Abortion only for rape, incest, or maternal health. (Jun 2002) Supports prohibiting … Continue reading