Unreported World

Ramita Navai and Wael Dabbous spend two weeks living and filming undercover in some of the most dangerous parts of Syria with members of the movement determined to overthrow Bashar al Assad’s brutal dictatorship.  Damascus, the capital city of Syria, … Continue reading

The Decline and Despair President

“Hope and Change” was the motto of the Obama election campaign which many soon re-phrased as “Hype and Chains.”  That was clever and humorous but the truth of the Obama presidency is now firmly established as a new era of … Continue reading

Doing The Work American Journalists Refuse To Do

The media tries its best to portray the crime wave known as the “Occupy Movement” as a grass roots political movement but we know two things in spite of the media coverup: The Occupy bunch is not a grassroots movement, … Continue reading

Taxes The Price of Civilization — Or The Cost of Tyranny?

The book description at Amazon begins: “Jeffrey D. Sachs has been at the forefront of international economic problem solving. But Sachs turns his attention back home in The Price of Civilization, a book that is essential reading for every American. … Continue reading

37% of Americans Support Occupy Movement

Media spin reports this as “more than a third of Americans…” Yeah, that makes it sound bigger than 37% doesn’t it. In addition to photos of bums defecating on cop cars, which I didn’t have the nerve to post here … Continue reading

Obama’s Failed Stimulus Cost More Than The Iraq War

That’s right. The stimulus cost $862 Billion, the Iraq War cost $709 Billion. The stimulus was a failure, we got little from the stimulus but a huge deficit for future generations to pay off. The Iraq war, dubbed operation Iraqi … Continue reading