Doing The Work American Journalists Refuse To Do

The media tries its best to portray the crime wave known as the “Occupy Movement” as a grass roots political movement but we know two things in spite of the media coverup: The Occupy bunch is not a grassroots movement, … Continue reading

Taxes The Price of Civilization — Or The Cost of Tyranny?

The book description at Amazon begins: “Jeffrey D. Sachs has been at the forefront of international economic problem solving. But Sachs turns his attention back home in The Price of Civilization, a book that is essential reading for every American. … Continue reading

37% of Americans Support Occupy Movement

Media spin reports this as “more than a third of Americans…” Yeah, that makes it sound bigger than 37% doesn’t it. In addition to photos of bums defecating on cop cars, which I didn’t have the nerve to post here … Continue reading

Obama’s Failed Stimulus Cost More Than The Iraq War

That’s right. The stimulus cost $862 Billion, the Iraq War cost $709 Billion. The stimulus was a failure, we got little from the stimulus but a huge deficit for future generations to pay off. The Iraq war, dubbed operation Iraqi … Continue reading

Never Enough — America’s Limitless Welfare State

Great book, Steven Hayward wrote an introduction in which he calls it “theoretical, empirical and — readable.”  In the video Hayward treats us to a short interview with the author William Voegeli. … Continue reading

Eric Cantor Cancels Speech At University of Pennsylvania Fearing Disruption — It’s Just as Well

The “Occupy Philadelphia” crowd losses an opportunity to shout and disrupt a speech and they’re feeling put upon by that loss. Free speech is not the right of speakers to speak, or protesters to shout and disrupt, but rather it … Continue reading